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    Was promised: Sauna, hammam, infrared, showers, immersion barrel, jacuzzi

    * Sauna: switched off halfway our visit, luckily I eventually figured out how to get it back on
    * Hammam: worked after 5 attempts with a switch hanging loosely off the wall
    * infrared: nowhere to be seen
    * Immersion barrel: nowhere to be seen
    * Jacuzzi: this really was the cherry on top; after getting in the lukewarm-at-best water we realize the bottom (and by then our bodies) is/were FULL of sand/mud, absolutely GROSS !

    + Multiple insects, snails crawling around inside
    + Lukewarm water as “refreshment”

    Basically, we paid full price for MAYBE 1/3 of what the owner promised on his website (website has, thankfully, been edited by now). After confronting the owner at the end of our visit, his excuses were many: he was renovating (I get that, but close your place down if you can’t provide the service you promise), we should’ve called directly (naked and wet), the sand in the jacuzzi is “normal” (???), …
    All the while of course wearing no mouth mask throughout his explanation or when receiving us, made us feel very safe in times of a pandemic …

    In summary: absolutely avoid this place, it’s dirty, it’s a scam, and it’s a health and safety hazard. Can’t really understand why some websites keep promoting this place …

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